There are countless ways in which B2B sales solutions can help you increase your sales and you will discover the multiple benefits as soon as you start using those selling tools.

Technology that is mostly used in B2B sales is CRM, B2B mobile ordering apps, omnichannel sales solutions and digital catalogs. Each of them provides your organization with a certain value and collects useful data, but using them combined or integrated into a single sales solution is definitely the best option.

B2B sales solutions will help you make the most of your and your sales reps’ time, focus more on actual selling and allow you to automate everything that is mundane and less important. The accuracy that B2B sales solution provide will do wonders for your business. The information that you collect along the way will help you make better decisions and empower your sales reps to become the masters of selling by having all the industry information in the palm of their hand.

We mentioned a few times why you need to think digital and especially mobile first in B2B sales, but the most important reason is to survive because your competition is already becoming increasingly tech-savvy.

For those that are willing to implement advanced tech solutions in their business and are considering a few options and only looking for ways to boost their overall sales – these are 10 proven ways on how the sales tech can help you.

1.Empower your sales reps with relevant information



The amount of information that is collected through your sales solution’s CRM will give your sales reps a clear 360 view of your current and potential customers.

Everything from the products they order, quantities they buy, sales cycles and the value of those orders can always be a few clicks away.

This kind of data will enable your sales reps to anticipate any future sales and create up-sell and cross-sell opportunities in advance. They will impress the customers by knowing what is it that they need and when they need it before the customer even realizes there’s a need to restock on a certain product.

2. Have a marketing tool in your pocket



Marketing and sales do not have to work or exists separately anymore.

With sales apps like the digital catalog, your team can always have a marketing tool at an arm’s length.

A clear overview of available products with prices, high-resolution photos, detailed descriptions, discounts and special offers can always come in handy. So-called cross merchandising that digital catalogs support can remind your customers about other things they may need to buy, but haven’t thought about it, introduce newly available products in detail or simply trigger impulsive buys.

Owing to the AI predictive analysis, each customer will be able to see only products that he or she needs, with suggestions of other similar or complementary products that they might purchase in the future.

Digital catalogs are something that helps customers convert on the spot while encouraging sellers to offer more relevant products.

3. Make the most of your sales reps’ time



Just imagine how much happier, fulfilled and motivated your sales reps would be if you only gave them the actionable tools to make the most of their time and their working hours.

Route planning apps, for example, that are integrated into sales solutions help calculate the best possible route for your B2B sales reps. This app can predict how much time they need to get to the customer and how much time they should spend with each customer to make a sale, but also to fill their target for the day.

No more nervous selling looking at the watch trying to squeeze in the next customer in line or skipping the visit just because the buyer is located out of town. With field sales app your sales reps can use their time to the max and take on the bigger number of clients which subsequently means selling a bigger number of products.

Not to mention that sales solutions enable direct orders, which ease the stress of having to rush back to the office and fill the order as soon as possible.

4. Act as a consultant, not as a salesperson



The information your sales reps acquire from your sales solution can help them act as a consultant, not just a regular salesperson. And that’s something your customers need and appreciate.

By following customer behavior through purchase history and noting their comments and demands, your sales team will know exactly what your customers need to hear in order to make a sale.

Knowing which products are in demand, which trends are prevalent, which products complement their purchase, will never go unnoticed. Being there for your customers ahead of time and acting as a goldmine of information on how to improve their business will come a long way.

However, this isn’t something you acquire by sitting in your office and browsing the internet, this kind of information can only come from accurate data and good relationships.

5. Think about developing and establishing relationships



Speaking of relationships, it is common knowledge that they are based on trust. Your customer is counting on you, they trust your judgment and recommendations and they are willing to buy as long as they have your confirmation that their decision is right.

The only way you can gain trust is by delivering superb service and providing your buyers with relevant information. The more your predictions and suggestions come true – the more trust they will put in you.

The time you save with sales solution will also benefit relationships because you will be able to focus better on your customers and their needs.

No matter what technology brings in the future, relationships will remain the most human and most important part of sales. Remember that nobody who is only focused on filling orders for their clients all day long can work on building relationships with clients.

6. Follow reports and data



The reports that you get from your B2B sales solutions will help you see whether you are making the right decisions, which customers are the most demanding, which ones are spending the most, etc.

This data can help you optimize your resources so that you are spending your time where the money is. Maybe your most demanding client isn’t the one who spends the most and you just realized it’s more important to allocate your time to satisfy those who make big purchases. Maybe your sales reps are spending too much time servicing certain clients instead of selling.

All of this can be easily tracked with reporting. Everything that your customer orders and says feed your CRM data that gives you a clear overview of each salesperson, each customer and your overall business.

7. Speed up your processes



We mentioned this above, but mundane tasks can take a lot of yours and your sales reps’ time. Filing orders, checking to see whether a certain product is in stock, gathering information from different places and making them into reports can eat up a great chunk of time.

Sales solutions are made to make all of these tasks rely on automation and give you the time to focus on selling. You can make orders while visiting the customer, you can check product availability through your digital catalog, you can see and deliver reports on your mobile phone.

Technology is helping everyone automate their tasks, there’s no reason why B2B sales should lag behind.

8. Become and stay flexible



The ever-changing world demands the ever-changing businesses and those who decide to stick to the old ways will soon face a merciless demise.

Technology gives you the ability to tailor your approach and your offers according to your clients, sales trends and market demands.

Be open to change your business and your offer quickly and frequently. This is the only way to compete with the growing competition that will surely be more susceptible to change if you will not.

9. Motivate your sales reps to compete



Sales solutions can offer a digitized competition for your sales reps that is fashionably called gamification. Transparent leaderboards on your sales reps’ mobile phones are nothing but the technology’s answer to the ever-present art of competition among salespeople.

Every organization has its top performers, but it also has the sleepy and less ambitious crowd. Use a gamification feature to wake them up and motivate them to sell more than they ever did before by offering some incentives for those on the top of the leaderboard.

Digitized sales leaderboards also help other sales team members see what their teammates are doing during a day, week or a month period. This undeniably motivates them to question their own work and achievements even without the promised rewards.

10. Minimize the possibility of mistakes



A possibility of instant order fulfillment through sales solution inevitably decreases the number of mistakes, because the message is going directly from the sender to the recipient. There are no barriers in between who might write or read a wrong number and make an irreversible mistake.

Fewer mistakes mean more satisfied customers that stay with your company because they are always getting what they need in time.

Also, fewer mistakes mean less time wasted on backorders, returns and cancellations.

Sales Solutions Give You The Most Valuable Thing – Time

The thing that you will gain from using sales solution is the most valuable thing of all – time. It will give you more time to focus on the customer, to work on your relationships, to do the most you can in a day and get all the information you need within seconds.

Your sales reps will have an entire customer purchase history in the palm of their hand, they can forget about papers and their desk, collaborate with coworkers and do their entire job on the go.

More time means more opportunities for new sales, new deals and new customers.