Get the Performance of Three People With Just One Telesales Agent

Call center software for modern telesales

How Intelisale Supercharges Inside Sales Reps

Boost productivity

Intelisale inside sales call tracking software enables reps to do more with the same amount of time. Productivity increases up to 300%.

Reduce training costs

Simple and intuitive interface reduces the time spent on training new agents, enabling them to reach maximum operating efficiency quicker.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

Intelligent routing pairs customers to their dedicated sales reps who receive customer insights before even picking up the phone, enabling them to provide delightful service to the customer.

Intelisale Call Center Software Key Benefits

Intelisale’s unique feature of call sustainability gives a calendar overview with feasibility rates, working hours, and turnaround for each day, so reps and managers can make sure the schedule is achievable.

Less time deciding who to call means more time for closing deals. And with customer details at hand, reps are equipped with comprehensive insights to increase order size and customer satisfaction.

Independent product

A stand-alone product or it can be integrated and used with Cross-Platform Ordering App.

Smart Dialer streamlines outbound calls

No more wasting time deciding who to call first. Intelisale acts as a personal assistant for every sales rep, giving a recommended list of customers to call, with assigned time for each one according to its segment. Reps will never miss their appointments.

Intelligent routing streamlines inbound calls

Customers want to talk to agents who already understand their issues. Intelisale recognizes caller ID and routes the call to the dedicated sales rep. This saves time on both ends, as the rep is already informed and the customer does not have to repeat themselves.

CRM functionality gives leverage before any call

Before making or receiving a call, reps have all the information they need just a click away. Armed with order history, monthly turnaround, predicted turnaround, and potential, the rep is equipped with comprehensive insights to increase order size and please the customer.

Keep all details in one place

Telesales reps can record comments and reminders after each call to keep all details in one place.

Managers have insight at all times

Managers can use call center analytics to determine monthly sustainability, stay up-to-date with all telesales activities, and effectively reorganize agents with under- or overutilized schedules.