BI Advanced Reporting

Single web based portal for customization, pricing, product updates and order management.

Different account roles based on company functions allow different views

Order management process is boiled down to a few clicks

Catalog and pricing customization is easy and simple

Robust and well displayed, real-time reporting gives different management functions all the data they need

Instant inventory updates assure sales reps are selling only in-stock items

One click order management

Approve and disapprove queue and sales reps special requests are created live from the field

Approval process is managed by a single click and sales reps are informed instantaneously

Past orders overview is created automatically so you can review historical data

Customization and product updates

Customize pricing and set pricing flexibility to improve sales

Manage and set territories, add or remove sales reps

Set gamification rules and awarding options for your sales reps

State-of-the art reporting and gamification functionalities

Reports are created automatically so to represent live data

Reports are granular and dynamic so to give the complete overview of individual sales effectiveness, overall organization goals and client based or product based overviews

Gamification gives each sales rep a clear target and encourages individual competition.