We are talking about digital sales strategy and how an advanced digital catalogue incorporated within an omnichannel sales solution like Intelisale, can drive your revenue.

B2B eCommerce is already double the size of B2C eCommerce and sales are expected to reach $1.13 trillion by 2020. Not to mention that  mobile sales is accounting for 30% of all B2B eCommerce sales

This data states 3 important trends in wholesale and distribution industry. First, a huge portion of B2B sales has adopted a digital first strategy. Digital first strategy includes online sales but it also includes using technology like advanced sales apps and solutions to aid your other sales channels like field sales or telesales. Second, your customers will be, if not already,  used to the experience and the flow of an online catalogue, a digital catalogue. They will be expecting all the product details, all the info and suggestions from your sales rep within seconds. This is one of many reasons to translate the same eCommerce experience into all the other sales channels.  Third, the quantity of the real time information within the purchases should be used instantly in every possible way across all sales channels. Any B2B sales platform or solution that cannot do that will be very soon absolete.

We shouldn’t even talk about paper catalogs in the 21st century, their production mostly drains your time and money, while becoming totally irrelevant to its eCommerce expected a smooth experience.

Since products in wholesale are usually sold in large numbers and they come with many different varieties and nuances, in order to understand them B2B buyers need a great deal of information. This is where advanced digital catalogs are irreplaceable channels of communication and sales. Now you can just switch to a digital and advanced version of selling within a few months by choosing a good omni-channel sales solution.

The sooner your organization embraces the digital-first sales strategy the better you will position yourself in the future.

Advanced features of  Intelisale Smart Digital Catalogue – say hello to absolute personalization

First of all, the product catalogue isn’t an independent tool, it should be a part of the sales solution like a mobile ordering app that is for example used by your field sales reps and telesales department.

What we are talking about here is a difference between ANY digital catalogue and a SMART one that is a better fit for companies with more than 1000 SKUs, a product catalogue that has more advanced features than just pretty pictures, manual filtering options and simple product recommendations. We are talking about Intelisale product catalogue features and capabilities that are feeding of data in order to be as personalized as possible.  

Product catalogue that automatically shows only relevant products

For example, product catalogue within  Intelisale Cross-platform mobile app is able to learn from your ERP or other data and based on your customer type and other information it will automatically filter out and show only the products that a specific customer your sales rep is visiting or talking to can be interested in purchasing. This functionality is extremely important if you have tens of thousand or even million of products or if you are selling different product types to different verticals and buyers.

Needless to say that this feature saves time and speeds up the entire sales process. Products your sales rep sees within Intelisale smart catalogue are only the ones that can be sold to the specific customer, right away.

Know what your customers need before they even ask for it

Every purchase data made through Intelisale Mobile app and the smart catalog goes directly into your CRM and feeds data points like order history, geography, industry and company type related to that specific customer, but also making records about a specific product.

With smart product catalogue as a part of Intelisale sales solution,  your sales reps will know exactly how often, what and in what quantity your customers buy. Intelisale Mobile ordering tool uses these information in real time to predict the next purchase and influence the products shown within a smart product catalogue.

On the other hand, you will have a clear overview of products that sell best and products that are rarely sold. Just by looking at that information you can decide not to stock a certain product anymore, saving yourself some warehouse space and money in the process. This data can be extremely valuable for entire organization, enabling top management to make fact based decisions, understanding purchasing trends and customer behavior, subsequently affecting better assessment of resources on the whole.

Keeping all of this in mind, there’s no doubt that a smart catalog that is easy to use and feeds your sales rep with product information would make an excellent buying experience for your customers. In return, you will see a higher customer satisfaction and retention rates.

Smart catalog is just one of the features of Intelisale omnichannel sales solution and the Cross-platform sales app. the intere sales solution can be easily integrated with your current ERP systems so you can see get the benefits within a few months.

If you would like to learn about other Intelisale features or find out more about how Intelisale can help you improve productivity and revenue – request our demo and our experts will get back to you in no time.