Field sales are all about face to face meetings and personal relationships. Field sales reps are doing their best to make the most of their time and sell as much as possible for that day.

As customers’ demands grow and their expectations seem to be higher every day, the great pressure is put on field sales reps and wholesale brands and distributors, in general, to be more productive and increase their sales numbers. The competition is looking for new ways to keep their customers satisfied and remaining the top performer becomes more and more difficult every day.

Luckily, owing to Intelisale route planning solution, the intelligence behind planning your every customer visit is now a reality.

Intelligent route planning runs on advanced features and AI with build in GPS. AI mechanisms can automatically, at the beginning of every day, calculate and suggest the fastest driving route, visiting frequency as well as a visit duration for each field sales rep. These prediction possibilities are based on historical data like the list of current customers and when the customer was last visited, time of the day, current traffic situation and individual sales preferences.

Your sales reps will have their route planned out for them before they’ve even arrived at the office.

But that is not all, our route planning solution offers other options that will help your field sales reps grow their productivity by 50%.

What are the benefits of intelligent route planning for your company?

One of the most valuable benefits of this feature is definitely saving the sales rep’s time while simultaneously increasing their productivity, leaving them to focus only on selling.


  • Saves time by doing all the job for the seller with no need for any specific data entries


Your field sales reps won’t have to enter the data about your customers manually. Instead, the route planning solution will make sure that all the data of your existing clients from your ERP system is already integrated. Then it will calculate the best possible time, frequency and route for each visit based on the history of customer’s purchase and activity.

Sales reps are free to add any information about the customers that they may need in order to make a sale, but everything else is already predetermined for them.


  • Saves time and boosts individual efficiency by choosing the best possible route


It is not uncommon that field sales reps get stuck in the traffic or sometimes even avoid difficult or out-of-the-way customers, simply because they see it as a waste of their time.

Intelligent route planning system calculates the best possible route field sales reps should take, keeping track of current traffic situation, as well as the amount of time they should spend with each customer in order to meet their plan for the day.

For example, your sales rep may plan a visit to ten customers in a single day but due to unpredicted circumstances such as traffic, demanding customers that take up too much of rep’s time or miscalculated route, they will end up visiting only five destinations. You will have to ask other sales reps to cover the clients that were neglected that day, creating a chain reaction that affects your overall sales, resources and organization.

With Intelisale route planning solution, this situation is highly unlikely to happen.


  • Enables sales to close more deals per day


With route automatically calculated in advance, your sales reps will finally have enough time to make the most out of their trips and achieve more than they’ve ever managed to accomplish before.

Instead of visiting customers that might not need your products at the moment or miscalculating the distance between visits, they will know exactly where to go next and visit the maximum possible number of clients.


  • Enables managers to track individual sales movement and daily effectiveness within Route Planning Analytics


Of course, no AI is perfect without the input from the experts. That is why Intelisale left space for managers to give their own opinion on pre-planned routes and make corrections if needed. What is best, it is all in real time.

Managers are also provided with a comprehensive report on field sales that will give them an overview of the rep’s performance so that they can always be up to date with all field activities.

What does Intelisale intelligent route planning offer?

This feature is an integrated part of the Intelisale cross-platform app, providing an omnichannel sales solution for all your wholesale B2B needs. At the same time, it is continually feeding the data so that each next suggestion is better than the previous one.


  • Smart route suggestions


Like we mentioned before, it is an advanced, machine learning based functionality that suggests a few best routes based on the customer list, history of visits, time of the day and tens of other data points. It works instantly and independently.


  • Visiting frequency and duration suggestions


Another highly advanced functionality feeding off different data points, specifically history data and best benchmarks data. It suggests the visiting frequency for a specific customer as well as optimum visiting duration.


  • Visits history overview


Visits history overview is meant for manager’s reporting needs as well as estimation of rep’s performance and capabilities, while at the same time adding up to the existing data.


  • GPS


This functionality visualizes your customers on a map and optimizes your driving route, ensuring that the field sales reps are making the most out of their trip.


  • CRM Notes


Sales reps can put comments and reminders about each client after each visit, in order to have clear information about everything that is agreed upon or that the customer may need.

Are there any additional costs?

Unlike most field sales solutions available on the market, Intelisale intelligent route planning feature is an integrated part of the cross-platform sales app that can be turned off and on according to your needs.

There is no need for complicated integration with your ERP and CRM systems since it’s only a segment of the omnichannel sales solution, not a separate app.

We highly recommend using it in case you are already seeing benefits from route planning apps since all the data collected this way can help you improve your future field sales, processes, decision making and overall productivity.

What is more, you are getting an entire omnichannel sales solution for the price you would usually pay for the route planning app only.

If you feel that Intelisale intelligent route planning can improve your field sales, feel free to contact us or request a demo.