Capture online orders with a tailored B2B eCommerce Solution

Provide an omnichannel experience for your customers with a seamless B2B online ordering platform

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Delight customers

Online ordering for B2B clients is a necessity for high customer satisfaction.

Reduce costs

Reduce the operative and manpower costs needed to process orders.

Increase productivity

Remove manual order entry, focus on key accounts, and boost efficiency.

B2B or B2C - Customers will love buying from you

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, our solution makes both modes of selling easier.

Free customers’ time with convenient 24/7 ordering

Eliminate intermediaries and enable your customers to self-serve whenever they need to without the hassle of phone or email ordering.

Show order status

Provide customers with order tracking so they can be sure their order is on the way.

Provide a stress-free buying experience

Simplify ordering with custom pricing, personalized catalogs, order history, payment options and more.

Provide accurate stock availability

With accurate stock information in real time, buyers can make sure their order will be processed.

Simplify buyer-seller interactions

Intelisale makes it easier for buyers to submit order forms and purchase orders and get a response on the same platform, shortening the time it takes to process an order.

Shop on any device

Intelisale cross-platform eCommerce solution makes buying convenient on any device.

Complement business logic with a flexible B2B eCommerce platform

Omnichannel ready

Making sure your customers have the same buying experience whether its online, in-person, or in-store is the true power of our platform.

Seamless back-office integration

Integrate any ERP system and keep your eCommerce and ERP synchronized. Ensure offline activities do not interfere with online and vice-versa.

Fully customizable

Stay in control of your branding. Personalize the storefront, catalogues, product pages, prices, checkout process, and messaging to showcase your brand’s aesthetic.

Ready to capture online trade?

Without online ordering, you are losing a huge portion of sales! B2B and B2C - buyers demand the convenience of online shopping. Schedule a free consultation and learn how to enable eCommerce for your brand.