Cross-Platform Ordering App

Every sales rep becomes a superhero - on the field or behind a desk.

Giving you more than any other B2B sales tool

Order taking powered by Artificial Intelligence

More than just an app for any smartphone, tablet or web browser

Write and send orders or create wish lists in a few clicks

Be guided through the entire sales process with Smart Recommendations, client-specific insights and cross-organization know-how

Get real-time order status and customer-based analytics

Visualize your goal with flexible pricing and target overview

Impress customers and boost your productivity.

Sales reps are automatically guided by Intelligent Product Catalog and deep customer insights

Gets you completely ready for the sales process based on real-time customer insights

Gives you knowledge about customer sales trends to improve revenue and drive strategy

Be more productive with all cross-organization know-how at your fingertips

Get one step ahead with automatic recommendations on products that should be ordered

Improve customer relations with instant order-status feedbacks

Automatically plans and optimizes your sales reps' route with built in Intelligent Route Planning

One-click order management

  • Approve and disapprove queue and special requests from sales reps are created live from the field

  • Approval process is managed with a single click and sales reps are informed instantaneously

  • Past orders overview is created automatically so you can review historical data

Customization and product updates

  • Customize pricing and set pricing flexibility to improve sales

  • Manage and set territories, add or remove sales reps

  • Set gamification rules and awarding options for your sales reps

Exceed your targets with data-driven decisions

Track, organize, plan, and reward your sales teams based on live reports

  • Monitor individual and group performance by division, territory, and customer

  • See key industry and customer-related trends

  • Recognize best-in-class sales reps through gamification functionalities

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