Route Planning

Start Every Sales Route Free of Anxiety

Intelisale sales route planner is the personal assistant your reps needed.

How Intelisale Supercharges Field Reps

Never miss an apointment

Intelisale’s unique route sustainability feature gives a calendar overview with feasibility rates, working hours, and turnaround for each day, so reps and managers can make sure the schedule is achievable.

Close more deals

Less time in traffic means more time for closing deals. With customer details at hand, reps are equipped with comprehensive insights to increase order size and please the customer.

Save time and cut costs

With optimized routes, sales reps get to customers faster and reduce fuel costs. Intelligent route planner also saves a tremendous amount of time with smart suggestions and limitations when creating routes for each day.

Complete Overview of Field Sales Activities in 4 Steps


Reps allocate buyers on the map

The first screen shows reps a map of all their buyers. When reps allocate buyers to a specific route they get mapped out based on GPS location or their address.

Each route has a number of buyers added to that route, time defined for visits, and the number of monthly visits. Using this data, the algorithm calculates monthly sustainability as a percentage so reps can stay on top of their schedule and avoid missing appointments.


Algorithm generates a calendar

With the calendar overview reps can start every day anxiety-free. The screen shows planned routes for the day, number of visits, time planned for visits, daily turnaround, and the sustainability rate for each day of the month.

By clicking on the cards for each day rep gets a detailed overview for that specific day with the route names and a list of scheduled visits.


Reps get a detailed plan for every day

Backed up by Intelisale’s powerful algorithm, sales reps can start each day without the anxiety of struggling to organize their daily schedule. The algorithm acts as a personal assistant, helping reps to focus on the most prosperous buyers, and to effectively manage their time, raising productivity to a whole new level. Reps only have to show up, login, click a button, and dominate the day!


Managers get a reports screen for quick and easy insights

Equipped with up-to-date information, managers can get insights into sales rep engagement at any time. They can see which reps are over - or underworked and how much turnaround is being generated, allowing them to reassign tasks to exceed quotas and score bonuses.

Intelligent Route Planning key Benefits

Independent product

A stand-alone product – or it can be integrated and used with Cross-Platform Ordering App.

Optimizes routes in real time

Automatically calculates optimal routes based on time of day, traffic details, customer visit histories, and individual preferences.

Recommends optimal visiting frequency and duration

Advanced route planning options can suggest optimal frequency and visit duration based on client buying habits, which saves sales reps’ time and boosts productivity.

Keeps every detail in one place

Sales reps can record comments and reminders after each visit or call to have everything in one place.

Supporting telesales and field sales

Perfect for sales reps shifting between field visits and telesales who want to get a full overview of all daily activities – in the field and over the phone.

Managers have insight at all times

Managers can use route planning analytics to determine route sustainability, be up-to-date with all field activities, and effectively reorganize reps with under - or overutilized schedules.