B2B Sales Solution to Improve Productivity

Trusted by big and growing brands, wholesalers and distributors

A platform with multiple products that can drastically improve your omni-channel sales results. On mobile. Online. Behind a desk.

Intelisale can bring all your B2B sales activities into one place with eCommerce, intelligent mobile order taking, sales route planning, advanced customer analytics and real-time reporting.

Single powerful platform as a driving force for sales – the powerful functionalities of Intelisale’s solution are based on various data coming to one unified platform. No matter if you are just starting your growth or already a large, thriving enterprise, our flexible solution can help every B2B sales team meet their quota and improve performance by 100%. You can use functionalities independently or combine multiple products to achieve optimum sales performance.

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Intelisale products

Cross-platform Ordering Tool

Client-centric, cross-platform B2B sales tool runs on any mobile device (smartphone, tablet) or web browser. It enables sales representatives to plan, suggest, organize, make instant orders, and track personal and organizational goals. It speeds up and simplifies the entire order management process – from approving orders and customizing offers to various reporting and customization options. It is created to support both field sales reps and sales reps taking orders behind a desk.

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Intelligent Route Planning

Advanced sales-route planning with built-in GPS acts as a personal assistant for every field sales rep. The algorithm suggests the fastest driving route in real-time and generates a monthly calendar with visiting frequency, visit duration, and route sustainability. Managers have complete oversight of all field sales activities. 

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eCommerce for B2B and B2C

Intelisale’s eCommerce system can be used independently from any other product and can be set up within weeks with almost no effort or development knowledge. It already has various templates, predefined features, and functionalities driven by best practice in online sales. Choose simple product upload or deep integration with ERP or CRM for an easily customizable, manageable, and scalable solution.

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Advanced BI and Reporting Tool

Single web-based portal for live, granular, and dynamic reporting, giving managers a deeper understanding of the individual, and product-related and overall organizational sales results and goals. Intelisale’s advanced platform crunches the data so to detect and indicate irregularities or great opportunities and give a dynamic, detailed, real-time overview of the business.

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Call Management

Get the performance of three people with just one telesales agent. Customer prioritization, CRM functionality, and smart routing help reps to never miss their schedule and to exceed quotas

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