IT Manager

Robust but flexible B2B sales solution with REST API integration – your IT department will love it!

Why IT managers choose our solutions

REST API and database integration options.

Deep integration into different ERP solutions and third-party tools and applications makes the best use of your current infrastructure.

Helps consolidate and optimize the use of different tools and solutions across your organization.

Intelisale is built in-cloud so all maintenance, support security, and improvements are on the Intelisale side.

Integration and customization are driven by Intelisale personnel within our customization services.

Partners and Integration

Local ERPs and other third party systems

Jump into a digital-first solution that amplifies the strategic role of your IT department

Intelisale solution is advanced but simple to integrate – all products and functionalities are interconnected, based on real-time data, and driven by numerous sets of rules. This means that what you get is not just a simple digital solution, but also a powerful platform that will amplify IT’s strategic role.