Become a sales leader by collecting and interpreting omnichannel data

We have created Intelisale with today’s largest B2B wholesale and distribution companies in mind. Intelisale’s solution has all the power you need to reshape your sales strategy and become digitally driven. It is not just your sales team that gets empowered – it is also your pricing, customer service, operations, IT, marketing, and finance that get streamlined to work as one.

Rise above the data

Our winning formula to increased sales: a holistic view of the customer across multiple channels with the ability to understand the buying journey and trends and to derive predictive insights about the customer’s path to purchase.

Leverage customer touchpoints through all channels to augment sales and develop a more sophisticated picture of shoppers’ demands

Once there is a deeper understanding of what the customer is buying and why, opportunities for improvement become clear

Robust and well displayed, real-time reporting gives different management functions all the data they need

More channels activated leads to higher spending

Derive meaningful insights from complex datasets

Sensible data visualization and dashboards

Check the most important metrics at a quick glance without struggling to discern different types of data.

Get reports without an IT team

Instead of going through ERP or other data sources you can get predefined or customized reports right out of the Intelisale platform – without being tech-savvy. Reports are granular and dynamic to give a complete overview of individual sales effectiveness, overall organization goals, and client-based or product-based overviews.

Platform-agnostic data export

Our data is platform-agnostic: you can export data in the format that best suits your needs.