Omnichannel Sales Solution for Wholesalers in FMCG. From Ordering App to eCommerce Platform.

Want to know how it all works?


Automate and simplify sales ordering and enable eCommerce within a single platform

CRM on the go. With order history, monthly turnaround, predicted turnaround, and potential, the sales rep is equipped with comprehensive insights to increase order size and please the customer.

Compare actual shelf look with photos of predefined assortments to determine the availability of products in-store and place an order if needed.

Effectively manage your orders in the field or behind a desk in hours instead of days.

Sales reps can take photos during the order process and add comments for further discussion.

Perform competitor analysis with a series of questions to gain insights into new sales opportunities.

Managers can be up-to-date with all FMCG activities (such as orders, routes, expenses) and effectively reorganize agents with under- or overutilized schedules.

Intelligent B2B Omnichannel Sales Solution for Wholesalers in Fast-Moving Consumer Goods

Intelisale’s omnichannel sales solution can think, automate, guide, and drastically improve your sales reps' productivity. On mobile. In the field. Online. Behind a desk. You can use all our products or choose single products like the ordering app, route planning, our seamless eCommerce option, and advanced BI reporting tools.


Key Benefits

Improve individual and overall productivity by 30%

Shorten the learning curve among sellers from months to days

Improve many different processes across your organization with a single platform

Step into digital-first field sales and forget about paper orders

Intelisale Integration Options to Power Your Business

To start using our products you can choose between Intelisale’s powerful API, our database integration option, or a simple product list upload. Our solutions are flexible enough to meet your every need and integrate with ERP or CRM no matter the brand or type.