When we are talking about current sales solutions including mobile ordering apps, CRMs…we can easily see their limitations. These tools can look nice, they can represent some data and crunch some numbers, BUT they cannot empower and steer sales representatives so they know what, when and how to sell, they cannot grow intelligently and efficiently help support decision making.

This is because these sales solutions are not built on the most advanced technologies that can feed on data in the right way and make every user more intelligent – these solutions are not built using machine learning logic and artificial intelligence.  

Choosing the right sales solution for your future now

You can understand that advanced technology (including Artificial Intelligence) is becoming the driving force behind most advanced solutions, no matter the field.

This is why the solutions you choose for your organization today will determine your market position tomorrow. Technology is one of the most crucial elements that are shaping today’s business including wholesale trade and any kind of B2B oriented sales.

This is why we built Intelisale on top of the most advanced processes and elements, especially the ones focused on decision making – business intelligence. In a single solution, we also align all your processes like mobile ordering and approval processes, mobile CRM, route planning and much more.

Intelisale experts have been a part of the wholesale trade and field sales for more than 20 years.

Here are their recommendations on why to look for an AI-powered omnichannel sales solution and how it can support your organization’s’ productivity. All of the logic described below had led us to develop Intelisale.


  1. Don’t set for automation, look for knowledge powered solutions


Don’t settle for a simple mobile sales solution that can replace your papers and excel sheets. These tools can make your sales team look professional, drive more satisfaction and partly automate your otherwise manual work. At the end, it’s a replacement for your paper catalog that will not affect your business strategically. Especially not if you have a large number of products and product categories to sell.

Sales solutions based on AI and advanced technology will prompt your productivity, give you the knowledge to decide in minutes, drive transparency and cooperation within the organization, and consolidate all functions and lead productivity forward, making you able to tackle all challenges.

2. Improve productivity, automating and steering the sales process

The AI-based sales solution can make your sales representative a superhero no matter how long he or she has been in the organization and no matter if you have 300 or 30000 customers or selling 100 or 1 million SKUs.

When we say the solution needs to be able to steer your sales reps, we mean it. Imagine a solution that is telling your field sales representative:

  • What customers to visit that day,
  • How to get there (route planning),
  • How long to stay there,
  • What products to offer and why to do so,
  • What info to use for the sales talk…

All based on 50 various data points. The same logic should apply to different sales channels like field sales, telesales, channel sales and online sales.

3. Connecting cross-organizational know-how in one single solution

There are solutions like simple mobile solutions that do not need connecting to your ERPs or database, that are fed by excel sheets. This is a simple but not an effective option that cannot benefit from your organization’s knowledge in any way.

For sales solution to be intelligent it needs to feed on your data, it needs to harness big data from ERP systems and use machine learning to connect cross-organizational know-how under one solution with intelligent functionalities.

This type of sales solutions can then serve the ultimate goal of every organization – exponential, positive productivity growth. This is why simple ordering apps may not be a right fit for your company now nor in the near future, especially if you want to seriously affect your productivity and bottom line.

4. Robust but flexible solution that can be able to adapt to your needs

What good is the most advanced sales solution if it cannot answer and serve your specific needs?

We all know how painful for the entire organization can be if you have invested in promising, say mobile ordering solution and you need to adjust your current infrastructure. It’s a pain and a wasted time for the entire organization. Choose the solution that can integrate with any ERP, as easy as possible and does not require any changes to your current IT  infrastructure.

Also, in order to have the most powerful results, think of the sales solution whose functions can be customized.

5. Omni-channel sales solution is a must for every growing business

Look for B2B sales solutions that can support all of your sales channels. The best way to boost your productivity is if you can have one solution that can empower your current field sales and telesales for example and also help you create, enhance and grow your online sales.

If you settle for sales solution that cannot support all of your sales channels, in the same way, you will be losing a lot of precious time and money.

6. Get Business Intelligence from across the organization

Mobile CRMs or any kind of CRMs are slovenly losing their edge as they are rigid and are based on technologies not able to adopt, learn and present data in a valuable way. Reports are good but they are mostly non-interactive, unintuitive while the true correlation between data points can be spotted only after additional manual work.

What will make a real difference in the way you are doing your business is the power of knowledge, but true, real-time, deep knowledge accross your sales teams and the entire organization?

With the right B2B sales tool you will be able to track real-time results, across the teams and functions, no matter the territory; across the product lines, products types, price points, margins. The solution has to be powerful enough to give you the right insight in a split of a second, in real time, simple to understand and to be interactive – enabling data points to communicate with each other and suggest conclusions for you.

Only this way, you will be able to make instant decisions based on the real-time data, data that are interconnected. You will be able to stay in front of the competition, client needs and behavior.

7. Power of logic and knowledge behind the best sales solutions

If mobile sales solution is using data from your ERP system it doesn’t mean it has the right logic on how to use that data. The logic should be implemented within the technology of the solution – only machine learning logic can tackle with advanced and complicated requests, interconnecting hundreds of different data points in a way that is fully customizable.

If you are looking for an advanced sales solution, look at the technologies it’s using as anything that is not using AI power will become too robust, rigid and very soon obsolete.

Simple excel tables and digital catalogs can do so many tricks, but we are already beyond these simple tricks. Corporations that rely their decision on instant, interconnected and deep data will be the one to sit on the throne as the industry leaders.

All of this may seem a bit complicated – bottom line is that you should be in search of technology when choosing a B2B sales solution. Only if the sales solution is built on the most advanced technologies and logic, it can exponentially improve your overall productivity, individual sales productivity and cut costs.

No matter how advanced, these sales solutions for wholesale and distribution industries are usually easy to integrate and very easy to use.

If you need help choosing the best omnichannel sales solution for your wholesale business, you can always request a demo and our experts will be happy to assist.