With continuous technological development come many challenges, but also many opportunities for optimizing business processes and expenses. Most frequently, businesses face difficulties when it comes to implementing new solutions and keeping up with the fast dynamics of change, and so they fail to innovate.

According to a recent Dell’s research, only 5% of companies are successful at adopting newest technologies.

In addition to this digital transformation and the new set of demands it imposes, the market has expanded to such extent that it set a completely new bar for companies to reach if they want to survive and stay competitive.

Within such landscape, achieving significant business growth is possible only by making a proper use of the technology. For business purposes, that technology is represented by ERP solutions. But why is it important to choose B2B sales solution that can integrate with ERP software?

Understanding ERP Integration

If you would describe the purpose of ERP software with only one word, it would be “efficiency”. Functioning as a central nervous system of one business, ERP software ensures all data is kept in one place and openly shared with different departments.

If we look at a typical B2B sales scenario in an organization where sales solution and ERP are not integrated – sales representatives need more time to check product inventory and to prepare an order for the customer. More often than not, their hands are tied while they are out in the field.

Even basic integration makes a significant difference. This means that sales representatives have access to the central database that is updated daily in real-time and can provide the customer with current information regarding the inventory and products availability and send orders while speaking with them.

Now, imagine this process even more efficient, with intelligent and automated solutions, fewer costs and a significantly higher percent of overall growth of productivity? That’s what we at Intelisale offer.

For instance, if you are a B2B wholesaler or a manufacturer that deals with a large number of stock keeping units, you want a solution that can push your business forward in all fields. Sale solutions need to support deep ERP integration, as that is the only way your sales rep will be able to access relevant and accurate data while taking advantage of the miracles of technology.

The more data you have in your ERP system – the better. Data is the fuel that empowers the sale solution software to make incredibly precise intelligent suggestions. From optimizing ordering processes to mapping down upselling opportunities – technology is there to recognize weak and strong points, relying solely on data, that the human eye is likely to overlook.

Sale Solutions Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We are witnessing a major revolution, fourth in the total history of mankind, that has artificial intelligence in focus. The use of AI is pretty clear in the marketing industry as well as the wholesale and distribution industry, but regardless of the niche – companies are intensively looking to board the AI train.

Needless to say, the type of technology you opt for could give you a significant competitive advantage and determine your market position.

For those involved in the sales industry, solutions based on advanced but simple to use technologies can bring remarkable benefits to their business. Unlike the basic mobile ordering solutions that are just a replacement for old-school way of leading business (think paper sheets or endless Excel tables), solutions like Intelisale actually guide your sales process.

This is why ERP integration is important: AI draws the data from your centralized system and, through machine learning, it connects the cross-organizational know-how into a single solution.

Wondering how to recognize a great sales solution?

In addition to the obvious factors (number of features, promised performance, pricing, value to money ratio), you should consider the changes you need to make in your current infrastructure, which should be minimal to none. In addition, you need to ensure if it can integrate with your ERP.

However, just because ERP integration functions well does not mean the solution will make good use of data. When choosing the best option for you, rely on testimonials, case studies and of course – demos to determine the true value of your chosen AI-powered sales solution.

Look for customized, highly specific, and niche-relevant solutions that are tailored for your business. For example, we at Intelisale offer solutions specifically for wholesalers and manufacturers of consumer electronics, where deep ERP integration provides real-time updated product descriptions and live on-stock information. Or take a glance at how our solution helps automotive industry sales reps by providing data which is up to date, all thanks to deep ERP integration.

Over to You

As we live in an era of data-driven businesses, it’s crucial to gather all the possible information in your ERP system, so that advanced sales solutions can help you make the most of your business by utilizing that data. Of course, profits and business growth should be your goal, but don’t lose something crucial from your focus, as it is a precondition for business success: customer satisfaction.

Quality ERP integration ensures great customer satisfaction: with seamless communication process between all business units and all data constantly refreshed in real-time, customers can get a quick response to any type of query.

When it comes to B2B sales, it comes down to an ultimatum: you either adapt to the wind of change, or you fall back and risk getting pushed out of the game.