When we talk about wholesale trade, especially field sales, there are few ways to increase individual sales rep productivity. One way is to stimulate them and the buyer to increase the cumulative number of products ordered from a single client. An additional way is to cover more current customers with the same number of sales representative.

None of it is easy to achieve if you are relying on processes and sales tools you have at your disposal right now. These goals can mean a huge pressure on the current sales teams alongside with many internal changes in the processes that could eat up a tremendous amount of other resources.

The best way to ensure you will achieve up to 60% increase in sales rep orders and article sold is introducing an advanced sales solution like Intelisale and its Cross-platform Ordering App. With numerous modules and features, this app can steer the sales reps, make sure the use of their time is optimal, drive their sales talk and give deep insights to sales leaders. At this point, we are writing about Intelligent Product Catalogue and Smart Recommendations.

Intelligent Product Catalogue – instantly shaped for each client

Intelisale sales solution is created having top wholesale players in mind as well as manufacturers and distributors, who have large product portfolio, product groups, and buyer types. Of course, the solution itself can be used in a much simpler environment but it is created to support the most complex one in terms of product portfolio.
Here is how Intelisale Intelligent Product Catalogue can help your sales representatives sell more.

1. Automatically shaped based on the customer you are currently visiting – when a sales rep comes to a specific customer and types its name, Intelligent Product Catalogue is automatically reshaped to display only products that are and might be relevant for that specific buyer. The product catalog is created automatically based on more than 50 data points like client’s order history, geography, industry and company type. Product Catalog is also influenced by client-specific pricing options and agreements.

Key benefits for the sales reps:

  • Sales rep will get to see only the products that are or may be interesting to that specific customer eliminating time waste when browsing through irrelevant products
  • Client-specific agreements and pricing options are eliminating risk of an error customer complaints and dissatisfaction
  • Sales reps will be able to perform as an advisor to the customer equipped with knowledge and information behind Intelligent Product Catalogue
  • Sales rep can serve 20% more customers than before

2. Product order and highlighting showing what to offer first – products are listed in a specific order for example, based on what product should a sales rep offer to the customer. This function can be set based on various parameters like customer order history. For example, the first product to be offered should be the one that the client hasn’t ordered in a while so it might be low in stock. Or, the sixth product in line has a very good pricing option for that customer so the sales rep is prompted to sell that product. Or, the third article might be the product that is low in client’s stock and it has the highest margin for the seller….Combinations are endless, really and they depend on your ideas and goals.

Key benefits for the sales rep are:

  • Sales rep knows exactly what to offer and when – it’s been led by data
  • All data he needs is within the application and the catalogue
  • Sales reps can sell faster and cover more customers
  • Sales rep will be prompted to sell products that have the most value to the customer and to your company

3. All marketing materials within the catalogue – product or product lines are complemented with product data sheets, special offers sheets, videos and downloadable catalogs. This feature gives the maximum support to every sales conversation and ensures the data it’s’ giving are up to date and rich.

Smart Recommendations – above and beyond upselling and cross-selling recommendations

Smart Recommendations is just one feature within Intelligent Product Catalogue of Intelisale Ordering App. Before we go explaining how it is helping your sales reps sell more, we need to say what this feature ISN’T. You probably know what are cross-selling and upselling recommendations in eCommerce solution, an online store? If you know that you will understand how Intelisale Smart Recommendations is all of that and much more.

Intelisale Smart Recommendations is an advanced cross-selling and upselling feature that guides a sales representative in suggesting the right product or product line to the client. Smart recommendations are based on many data points including order history of the customer, financial elements, season, customer’s low-stock items probability… You can imagine that recommendations done like this have an endless potential as they are calculating behavioral, historical, seasonal and industry-specific parameters.

Key benefits for the sales reps:

  • Turns an ordinary sales rep into the smartest adviser and selling superhero
  • Gives a seller data to start and drive the conversation with the goal of the highest sale and highest customer satisfaction
  • Powers the customer retention and dependence on demonstrated knowledge

Dramatical increase in sales reps orders – real data

Now that you know a few features of Intelisale sales app – here are a few real-life data points and results achieved by one of Intelisale’s clients from Wurth Organization, a global leader in wholesale trade.

With the use of Intelisale sales solution, we have seen individual sales rep productivity rise up by 43% in 2 years and around 22% YOY.

The number of orders (orders with multiple products in each order) each sales reps makes every day grew by 26% within the first couple of months.

The number of different articles sold by each sales rep every month grew by 57% in the first year, in the industry where there was already a 21% growth a year before.

If you want to know more about Intelisale sales solution and how it can help your organization – SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION with one of our experts.