Nowadays sales are all about customer centricity and making sure their needs are met as soon as possible without compromising the quality of your service or a product. Orders must be processed immediately, advice has to be timely and accurate and it all must be done here and now. Demanding self-informed clients are putting more and more pressure on the sales reps who are burning a candle at both ends trying to meet those demands.

This is just servicing the existing clients, what about acquiring new ones?

Most companies, especially wholesale brands and distributors, are looking for ways to increase revenue and improve profitability at the same time.

More than 60% of companies aim to increase revenue from their current customer base and cut cost by improving current employee productivity.

However, increasing productivity of someone who is already overwhelmed seems like an impossible thing to do.

Unless you had the intelligent tools based on latest technologies that can make it possible.

Helping Your Sales Reps Become Superheroes

The only key to empowering your sales reps to sell more and do more for their clients is rooted in technology i.e. apps, tools, ERP and CRM systems. They are mostly available separately, but Intelisale solution has integrated them into one cross-sales platform. Made by sales for sales, Intelisale knows how important it is to have one omnichannel source for all your sales needs.

Intelisale client-centric, cross-platform sales tool is saving sales reps time and is helping double their productivity. It’s practical, available on any mobile device (smartphones and tablets), computer, online or offline. It enables sales representatives to plan, suggest, organize, make instant orders and track personal and organization’s goals. The logic of this cross-platform is based on organization’s specific needs driven by the layer of Artificial Intelligence.

Interactive CRM

For example, a good CRM can save hours that would usually be spent managing the leads and customers appreciate the organized approach that a quality CRM provides. Gartner found that having a CRM alone can increase revenue by 41% per person.

An even better option is having CRM built within your cross-platform sales app, such as Intelisale, which interactively communicates with all other modules and functionalities. This feature enables your sales rep to give real-time overview with basic details and advanced information to the customer as well as the superior.

Whenever the client calls or sends an email, you can respond on the go with actionable data. You will have all the information you need before a meeting that will help you close the sale.

Sales Dashboards

Real-time dashboards are mostly based on parameters like selling history, current target status per sales rep, per sales division or for an entire organization.

Managers and C-level people are able to have a clear and transparent insight into their sales reps performance. At the same time, sales are prompted to meet the target as they are virtually competing with themselves as well as the other peers.

Data available through Intelisale sales dashboards empowers the individual seller in terms of individual productivity and gives them the valuable information about where they stand in the sales organization. That naturally drives cooperation within your organization.

Sales Reporting

With this type of app, sales reps can make orders in real-time, track their status and make instant reports to their superiors.  Overview of the current client financial status is available at all times as well as other client-centric reporting.

Owing to this Intelisale feature, seller is always informed on customer’s order status and can give instant feedback to the client.

Simultaneously, management has clear insight into all sales data and can make decisions based on the actual numbers and facts.

Smart reporting that Intelisale enables can be your single point for all Business Intelligence – everything is already calculated and there is no need for human interaction.

GPS Based Sales Apps

There are numerous GPS based sales apps available and they are often referred to as a Route Planning apps. They are usually a standalone app that helps field sales navigate through their daily planned route quickly, know exactly how many customers they need to visit and make the most out of their workday.

These kinds of apps can guide your field sales reps leaving them to focus on crafting the perfect sales pitch enhanced by latest information that customer may need.

In case of the Intelisale solution, route planning app can be an integrated part of your entire omnichannel selling system, getting data from your CRM and feeding your CRM with its own information.

Intelligent Product Catalogs

Product catalogs are handy marketing tools themselves. Which is why it’s best to create them according to each client’s needs and preferences.

Intelisale catalogs can be created automatically for each client giving all the client’s characteristics like order history, geography, industry and company type. This catalog can be set up by client-specific pricing options, offers and agreements. It allows a sales rep to browse and filter the products based on product line, price, stock-level, client order history, a financial balance. At the same time catalog is making smart product recommendations and helping sales cross-sell or upsell

A sales rep will see only the products that are or may be interesting to that specific customer eliminating time waste when browsing through irrelevant products. Client-specific agreements and pricing options are eliminating the risk of error customer complaints and dissatisfaction.

Most importantly, with Intelisale your sales reps will be able to perform as an advisor to the customer equipped with knowledge and information behind Intelligent Product Catalogue.

It can have additional features such as product wishlist, ordering tool and ordering management.

Good Old B2B Sales Only Better

It’s all the processes used before in sales – catalog, ordering, field sales, etc. Except they are significantly better and powered by technology, in turn, making your sales reps better as well.

Sales solutions give a seller a data to start and drive the conversation with the goal of the highest sale and highest customer satisfaction.

Having satisfied customers means bigger customer retention and dependence on demonstrated knowledge. Simultaneously eliminating the need to go back and forth to the pricing manager and thus speeding up the sales process. There’s far less room for errors with predefined margins and price ranges.

As a result, Intelisale technology enables sales to maximize the revenue and hit the target in real time, sometimes even while negotiating with the customer.

All of these tools are useful enough individually, but having a separate one for each of your sales processes can only get you so far. Eventually, you will be forced to enter the data manually and your reporting will never be accurate enough.

On the other hand, combining all mentioned apps together will turn your sales team into an unstoppable power force.

If you wish to see how all of these tools work within one omnichannel sales solution, how they interconnect and feed on each other’s data – contact us.