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Give your customers a unique online shopping experience: personalized offers, different sales channels, and interactions with customers on their preferred channels.

Be personal and timely.

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Intelisale e-commerce solution will transform your customers' shopping experience:

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    The customer chooses when and how they communicate and shop.

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    You have all the data about information they received and where they got it.

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    You observe customer's habits, behaviour and create personalized and automated messages accordingly.

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    Customers can switch easily to different communication channels, while you keep all the information in one place.

Research in this field and data analytics show that being able to sell and communicate on various, connected channels – omnichannel – is the future of e-commerce.

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One solution for all important aspects of your e-commerce

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    Personalized approach

    Tailor your content wtih personalized offers and recommendations type of customer or industry-use banners, pop-ups, carousels, personalized offers and suggestions.

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    Communication and analytics

    Communicate with your customers on their preferred channel. Analyze your data with modern tools.

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    Security and safety of your e-commerce

    High-level security in accordance with EU laws.

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    24/7/365 e-Shop availability from any device

    Let your customers easily shop anytime, anywhere.

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Intelisale, B2B omnichannel sales platform and Infobip, the world's most connected cloud communication platform joined forces to create exceptional omnichannel e-commerce experience.

Be where your customers are. Fuel your business growth with our solution.

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  • We became partners in creating omnichannel shopping solutions for your business

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    Intelisale has all the power you need to reshape your sales strategy and become digitally driven.


    It empowers and transforms your organization, pricing, customer service, operations, IT, marketing, and finance-all working as one.


    Trusted by big and growing brands, wholesalers and distributors.

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    Infobip is the world’s most connected cloud communications platform.


    The number one choice to globally scale your customer communications over the most popular channels, such as SMS, Email, Voice, WhatsApp Business and many more.


    Experiences that are locally and globally compliant, safe, and secure.